Emotional wellbeing

Adjusting to retirement

Retirement can be an exciting time. You may have the freedom and the time to pursue your interests, travel, or simply slow down to enjoy life. However, for some men retirement can be challenging. You are adjusting to the loss of a regular daily work routine and the associated sense of purpose, which can be...

Communication in relationships

Understanding and respecting the different ways in which you and your partner communicate will help strengthen your relationship. Here MensLine Australia explores the ways that you and your partner can talk to each other when there is disagreement, and how to talk about boundaries and come up with relationship agreements.


Everyone feels sad or down from time to time, but this does not necessarily mean you are depressed. Depression is an intense feeling of sadness that lasts for a long time, sometimes weeks, months or years. If you are depressed, it can start to interfere with your day-to-day life, well-being and physical health. Men may...

Drinking Responsibly

Most people like a drink from to time, whether it’s hanging out with your mates, at the footy, or a cold beer in front of the telly. A drink or two can help you unwind, and there is some evidence that low-level alcohol consumption may have some health benefits. However, excessive drinking can not only...

Helping a mate who is suicidal

It can be hard for some men to express their feelings. They may be embarrassed or worried they’ll be seen as weak. Here MensLine Australia explores ways you can help a mate who may be experiencing feelings of suicide.

Managing Anger

Anger is a basic human emotion and feeling angry is OK. It is how we respond to and express that anger that can cause problems. Expressing anger in an abusive, violent or negative way is unacceptable. Rather than trying to suppress the anger, we need to learn how to manage it in a way that...

Men and emotions

Our emotional state often dictates how we behave. Men and women may handle emotions in quite different ways. When upset, women are more likely to express their feelings directly and to seek the support of friends and family, whereas men might hide their emotions or withdraw. Men often feel that they need to be self-reliant...

Mental well-being for men

Good physical and mental health is more than the absence of sickness in our lives. Wellness is about adopting lifestyle practices that improve our chances of not getting sick or when illness occurs we are in a better place to manage it. Mental health issues are more difficult to acknowledge and address than physical ailments,...

Older men and depression

Depression affects people of all ages. It is not an inevitable or normal aspect of ageing, although some of the changes that may accompany ageing, such as poor health and the loss of peers and loved ones, may contribute to it. Most of us will feel sadness or grief during our lives, that feeling is...

Separation in later life

Losing a relationship is a very painful experience at any age, but several factors can intensify the distress when separation occurs in later life. Here MensLine Australia explores how older men may feel pessimistic about the possibility of forming a new relationship, and feel overwhelmed at the prospect of having to make a ‘new start’ later in life.

Separation - looking after yourself

Separation and divorce are among the toughest life experiences people can face. Men report a huge range of intense reactions and feelings during and after separation. Here MensLine Australia discusses those feelings, and provides advice on how to adjust to the changes, where a new ‘normal’ will eventually settle in, and it will be possible to continue on living a fulfilling and happy life.


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