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Firefighter in action - tips for self-care in difficult work roles
Self-care in difficult work roles

Many of us deal with difficult situations at work that can have an impact on our mental health. When our job or volunteer work forces us to deal with especially challenging scenarios, it is even more important to practice good self-care techniques to ensure we can stay on top of things.

Family and friends sharing a meal - these connections can help men
How family, friends and carers can help men

As a family member, friend or carer, you are one of the primary sources of support, advice and therapy for someone who is experiencing emotional difficulty or mental ill health.  The support you can offer to help men is one of the most important factors in managing, improving and maintaining health and wellbeing. Here’s how you can help those dealing with mental ill health and emotional issues.

Positive mental health advice from Yoda and others in Star Wars
Positive mental health advice in Star Wars

The Star Wars series of movies are jam-packed with positive mental health advice.  Here we take a look at some of our favourite quotes from these movies.

Support network - friends holding hands
The power of a good support network

Having a good support network is a vital tool in maintaining your mental health and wellbeing. As social creatures, our relationships and connections are a basic and core need, behind only physical and safety needs in importance.


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