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If you are depressed, it can start to interfere with your day-to-day life, wellbeing and physical health.

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Anger is a basic human emotion and feeling angry is OK. It is how we respond to and express that anger that can cause problems.

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Understand what causes stress, how stress management techniques work, how to live a happy work-life balance as well as gain an understanding into Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

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Anxious looking man drinking alcohol
How destructive coping mechanisms can worsen mental health issues

It’s a tragedy that the chosen coping mechanisms for so many blokes are the ones that cause the most damage to mental health.

Men talking about mental health
Why it’s important to change how we talk about men’s mental health

The rate of mental health disorders between men and women is about the same, yet fewer men access professional help or a service. Men are also more likely to die from destructive coping mechanisms like suicide, drugs and alcohol. Why is that? And can changing the way we talk about men’s mental health make a difference?

Young man on phone talking about mental health
How does free counselling over the phone work?

MensLine Australia is an easy way to access professional mental health care. It doesn’t cost you anything (other than a local phone call) and you don’t need a healthcare card. You don’t even need a referral.

Decision making principles - two men discussing work
Types of decision making

Sometimes we can decide on a course of action because we have some degree of control. At other times, the circumstances are out of our control.  Understanding this is key to making better decisions.


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