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Men's Mental Health

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The power of a good support network

Having a good support network is a vital tool in maintaining your mental health and wellbeing. As social creatures, our relationships and connections are a basic and core need, behind only physical and safety needs in importance.

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How to cope with change

Get useful tools and strategies to help you cope with change and care for your mental health.

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Celebrities leading the charge on men's mental health awareness

More people are changing attitudes to men’s mental health & we have some prominent celebrities to thank. Here’s some of the guys raising their voice.

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Protecting yourself and others online during COVID-19

It’s never been more important to stay virtually connected. Yet increased internet usage has seen a rise in cyber bullying, phishing scams, conspiracies and misinformation. Here we look at the current risks of engaging online, as well as ways to help others (particularly young people) combat these and stay safe online.

Man using queuing theory
Queuing Theory - relating it to everyday life

Queueing theory is the mathematical study of data from queues used to determine waiting times and improve service flow through a system. These same principles can be used in our daily lives to tackle many potential issues, tasks and responsibilities we all face.

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14 quotes about manhood

Many of the famed quotes about manhood would be considered unhealthy now, but there’s still some gems out there. Here are just some of our faves.

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Tips to manage your mental health while job hunting

Job hunting can be a stressful and uncertain time. Here are some tips explaining how to manage your mental health while looking for a new job.

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Movember - tips for effective conversations with men

Movember has grown to become a well-recognised international event and a symbol of positive approaches to men’s health issues. Key to its success is the ability to talk about men’s health issues in accessible ways. Here are a few tips for more effective conversations with someone you care about.

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Single session and multi-session counselling help

MensLine Australia provides single session services to all callers and online counselling users; and multi-session services to eligible clients. Understand how our counselling and support services can help you.

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Looking after your mental health during COVID-19

Stress and anxiety can have a negative impact on your health – both in the short and long term. Learn how to look after your mental health during COVID-19.

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Five mental health benefits of pet ownership

Does having a pet help with depression? Do dogs help with anxiety? Animal companionship has been shown to have a wide range of mental health benefits.

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What is Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a mental health disorder characterised by a repetitive cycle of obsessions (or perceived threats) and compulsions; which are behaviours intended to soothe the distress that accompanies the obsessions. Understand the obsessions, compulsions and how it is treated.

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How to promote mental health at your work site

The suicide rate among young tradesmen is more than twice that of other men. Why isn’t mental health at work talked about more often?

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Mental fitness

Preventative action is a vital part of looking after your mental health. Here’s some tips on establishing a ‘mental fitness’ routine.

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Benefits of volunteering

Many people who volunteer know the great feeling associated with helping others, but what people may not know are the proven benefits on overall health and happiness. Volunteering offers countless social, mental and physical health benefits. Here we outline some of the profound impacts of volunteering.

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Changing how we talk about men’s mental health

The rate of mental health disorders between men and women is about the same, yet fewer men access professional help or a service. Men are also more likely to die from destructive coping mechanisms like suicide, drugs and alcohol. Why is that? And can changing the way we talk about men’s mental health make a difference?

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How does free counselling over the phone work?

MensLine Australia is an easy way to access professional mental health care. It doesn’t cost you anything (other than a local phone call) and you don’t need a healthcare card. You don’t even need a referral.

Male stereotypes and the Man Box - young male
Male stereotypes and the ‘Man Box’

We are all constantly bombarded with gender stereotypes, but a new study sheds light on the shifting attitudes of young men in the face of negative messaging about manhood.

A man helping another man to his feet in a park
Help a mate and reduce suicide

Suicide is a major issue in our society. In Australia, it takes more than twice the lives of the road toll, but the truth is we all have the power to do something about it.

Man experiencing the symptoms of a panic attack
What are the symptoms of a panic attack?

A panic attack is an occurrence of strong anxiety and fear (and accompanying physical reactions) that seems to happen without an obvious cause. Panic attacks are a result of our ‘fight or flight’ instinct engaging, without the threat of immediate physical danger being present.

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The challenge of change

Achieving true behavioural change in your life, especially when you’re trying to change long-standing behaviours, can be a tough slog. Why is it so hard? What holds us back from making positive change in our lives?

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Exercise the body for emotional wellbeing

It’s common knowledge that even a little bit of exercise is good for the body, but recent studies show that getting in shape also has great benefits for your emotional wellbeing.

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Tips for looking after yourself

We know it is important to build good relationships and spend our time and energy on our family. But to keep this going, you also need to spend some time looking after yourself. Think of it as self-maintenance; you have to take care of yourself to take care of someone else. With this in mind, we have put together a few things to consider.

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Grow a mo, save a bro

Started in Australia in 2003, the Movember foundation has grown to fund more than 1,200 men’s health initiatives across 21 countries. Movember has a simple goal – to stop men dying young.

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Mental health week

This Sunday is World Mental Health Day and the start of Mental Health Week in Australia. The theme this year is Do You See What I See? It’s a campaign that challenges some of the stereotypes and perceptions of mental illness.

Two men sat talking about suicide
RU OK? Day

RU OK? Day is a chance to start a conversation with a mate who is struggling to cope.

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Decision making principles

In life there are essentially four decision making principles that give us an idea about how much influence we can have in different situations. These four principles are: Given, Input, Negotiate and Self.

Men sat talking about their emotions
Men and emotions

Our emotional state often dictates how we behave. Men often feel they need to be self-reliant and provide for their loved ones, so it is not appropriate to express their emotions. Here MensLine Australia challenges that notion offering advice on how you can talk about your emotions openly and freely.

Three men playing golf discussing their mental wellbeing
Mental wellbeing for men

Mental health issues are more difficult to acknowledge and address than physical ailments, but the symptoms and the impact on our lives can be just as real. Here MensLine Australia discusses the steps you can take today to realise mental wellbeing.

Star Wars Yoda
Positive mental health advice in Star Wars

The Star Wars series of movies are jam-packed with positive mental health advice. Here we take a look at some of our favourite quotes from these movies.

Man looking happy sat at a table - Emotional wellbeing
Emotional wellbeing - how to stay on top!

Despite terms like ‘wellbeing’ and ‘wellness’ getting a lot of attention nowadays, its not a fad – looking out for your emotional wellbeing is vital. Luckily there’s lots of ways to pursue it and they’re easy to do!

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Men’s mental health - common challenges

Due to a number of factors , some men’s mental health issues have gone unrecognised for a long time. Many men are still not aware of some of the most common indicators that there’s a problem. So how can you tell if you have an issue that you should consider seeking help with?

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Breaking old habits and starting new habits

Trying to break old habits and start new ones is never easy. To help you along your journey, we’ve compiled some advice to make those new habits stick.

Man stretching finding change hard
Why is change so hard?

A new year, a new start… how many times have we said that over the years? At the start of each year, many of us make new year resolutions, and many of us fail to keep them. So why is change so hard?

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The power of gratitude

Gratitude for all that we have in life – as opposed to what we want or think we need, is one of the keys to true happiness.

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Self-care toolkit

These MensLine Australia worksheets are designed to assist you in developing your personal skills to better manage your anger.

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Seeking help for men - overcome the barriers!

MensLine Australia recently sat down with Leon, a social worker with almost 30 years’ experience, to get his perspective of the challenges of seeking help for men.

Man having a moment of mindfulness on a beach
What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness seems to generate a lot of hype nowadays, but what’s it all about? Mindfulness means ‘being present’ and giving your full attention to the moment we’re in.

Family and friends sitting round a table
How family, friends and carers can help men

As a family member, friend or carer, you are one of the primary sources of support, advice and therapy for someone who is experiencing emotional difficulty or mental ill health. Here’s how you can help men dealing with mental ill health and emotional issues.

Happy couple cycling through the woods
Cycling - the exercise for positive mental health

While virtually all exercise is beneficial for general, ‘whole body’ health, cycling is especially great for positive mental health.

Men doing physical health
Improving physical health can help your mental health

We all know that regular exercise is good for the body. Playing a sport, jogging, cycling or even just walking to work all have physical benefits. Now, there’s even further reason to get fit, with studies suggesting that regular exercise is also good for your mind!

Senior man drinking a tea in his garden adjusting to retirement
Adjusting to retirement

Retirement can be an exciting time in your life, finally having the freedom to pursue your interests, travel, or to simply slow down and enjoy life. However, for some men retirement can be challenging. Here, MensLine Australia explores the issues associated with retirement including the loss of a regular daily work routine and associated sense of purpose.

Firefighter facing flames
Self-care in difficult work roles

Many of us deal with difficult situations at work that can have an impact on our mental health. When our job or volunteer work forces us to deal with especially challenging scenarios, its vital to practice good self-care.

A service man talking with a counsellor
PTSD - The mental health effects of service

Serving your country is one of the toughest jobs around. For some veterans, ongoing mental health issues means the conflict continues beyond the battlefield.

Two men talking about suicide
Talking about suicide

Talking to someone about your suicidal feelings can be very difficult. Here MensLine Australia provides options on who you can talk to and what to say.

Man sat with head in hands thinking about his life
Why do I want to end my life?

There are many reasons why people think about ending their lives. Here MensLine Australia looks at some of the common experiences that can lead to people feeling this way, and the support options that are available.

Man feeling suicidal, trying to relax listening to music
Helping yourself when feeling suicidal

Feeling as though your life is out of control, and that it will never get better is a common feeling. Here MensLine Australia discusses ways in which you can help yourself through this difficult time.

Two men sat together talking - mate suicidal
Helping a mate who is suicidal

It can be hard for some men to express their feelings. They may be embarrassed or worried they’ll be seen as weak. Here MensLine Australia explores ways you can help a mate who may be experiencing feelings of suicide.

Man taking notes from his phone whilst writing a safety plan
Making a safety plan

A safety plan helps to get you through the tough moments when experiencing suicidal thoughts or feelings. Here MensLine Australia outlines the prompts required to help you work through the steps of your personal safety plan until you feel safe.