Health professionals

MensLine Australia online counselling session
How our counselling services work

MensLine Australia provides single session services to all callers and online counselling users; multi-session services to eligible clients and case coordination. Understand how our counselling services work and how to refer a client.

Health professional using a computer to refer a client to MensLine Australia
How to refer a client

MensLine Australia provides single session, multi-session and case coordination support to clients. Understand our simple client referral process.

Young man at risk of suicide being comforted by a health professional
Supporting young men at risk of suicide

If you are dealing with a young male at risk of suicide, it can be difficult to know how to act. Male youths at risk often exhibit challenging behaviour that can make it difficult to communicate with them. Here MensLine Australia gives suggestions on how to support them.

Health professional discussing family violence with a man
Assessing risk and safety for family violence

For health professionals, identifying domestic and family violence is a complex task. There can be many factors that impact on initial assessment – how well victims and perpetrators are able to mask, minimise and deny what’s been happening, a professional’s experience, biases and responses can help and hinder disclosures.

Man speaking with a specialist support in the community
The role of specialist support programs and family violence

The primary role of specialist family violence services is to confront and address abuse and domestic violence. These specialist services, have sound understandings of the complex gender and power dynamics operating where family violence is occurring.

Health professional sitting in a field
Looking after yourself when working with family violence

It is important to recognise the impact just hearing about domestic and family violence can have on you as a health professional. Here are some tips on how to look after yourself whilst dealing with difficult situations.