Health Professionals

Young man at risk of suicide being comforted by a health professional
Supporting young men at risk of suicide

If you are dealing with a young male at risk of suicide, it can be difficult to know how to act. Male youths at risk often exhibit challenging behaviour that can make it difficult to communicate with them. Here MensLine Australia gives suggestions on how to support them.

Man with head in hands thinking about the violence he uses in his relationship
Working with men who use violence or abuse in their relationships

Family violence is any abusive behaviour in a family or intimate relationship where one person attempts to gain and maintain control over another. Family violence can take many forms including physical violence, sexual assault, emotional abuse, social or financial control. Here, MensLine Australia provides advice on how to recognise and manage the situation.

Man experiencing abuse in his relationship speaking with a health professional
Working with men experiencing abuse in their relationship

People in varied professional roles, but most often in the health or counselling professions, are those most likely to be sought out by men experiencing violence or abuse in their intimate relationship. Here MensLine Australia provides advice on how to identify and support them.