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Risk assessment

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MensLine Australia is a free telephone and online counselling service offering support for Australian men anywhere, anytime. We provide single session services to all callers and online counselling users; and multi-session services to eligible clients.

In a single session, each interaction is treated as a stand-alone counselling session where we work with the caller on the issue that is of greatest concern to them. Our multi-session service is a tailored program for clients where they can have up to four sessions with the same counsellor. Our Intake and Assessment team will assess for eligibility by utilising the Initial Assessment and Referral (IAR) tool.

More information on how our counselling services work, key topics and how to refer a client can be found below.

Risk assessment

Assessing risk and safety for family violence

For health professionals, identifying domestic and family violence is a complex task. There can be many factors that impact on initial assessment – how well victims and perpetrators are able to mask, minimise and deny what’s been happening, a professional’s experience, biases and responses can help and hinder disclosures.

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