Father and son walking along a beach

Being a dad

Family sat round a table practicing homeschooling
Homeschooling (and keeping kids busy) during COVID-19

The COVID- 19 pandemic is having a significant impact on people’s lives. One of the biggest challenges, has been for parents and carers to guide their children through ‘at home’ learning. Here we look at some tips and resources to help you keep the kids happy and learning.

Dad lifting son in the air
All the dads

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, as being a parent can sometimes lie with a less-traditional role-model. So, let’s celebrate all the different dads out there who help shape who we all are in their own.

First time dad holding a newborn baby
First time dad

Becoming a Father for the first time can be one of the happiest times in your life, it can also be a very emotional and confusing experience. Let MensLine Australia give you the right advice and support to make the most of this new change to your life, enjoying all that comes with it.

Young Father
Being a young father

Win and Steve are both passionate skateboarders, but they’re even more passionate about being dads. Reflecting on their lives growing up as young fathers, Win and Steve understand the pressures of being a young and single father and want to raise awareness about the mental health issues of single dads.

Father and son walking through the forest - having a conversation with your kids
Starting a conversation with your young kids

Becoming a Father for the first time can be one of the happiest times in your life, it can also be a very emotional and confusing experience. Let MensLine Australia give you the right advice and support to make the most of this new change to your life, enjoying all that comes with it.

Talking to your teenagers: Teenager sitting with her back to us looking moody
Talking to your teenagers

As teenagers go through developmental changes, they often feel like no one understands them, especially their parents. If you aren’t already actively engaged with your teenager, there’s still time to get to know them better with these tips from MensLine Australia.

Father & son playing music - Songs celebrating fatherhood
Five songs worth playing on Father’s Day

Fatherhood has been the inspiration for some of the most iconic songs of all time. Check out this list of some of our favourite tributes to fathers of all types!

Changing face of fatherhood - kids toys strewn across a bedroom floor
Changing Face of Fatherhood - More family time

The role of the father has shifted and changed over the years. In this series, we take a look at how fatherhood has changed over the years, with this article focusing on how dads have changed their working arrangements.

Father saying goodbye to his child about to go away
Fathering from a distance

Being separated from your family for an extended period of time can give rise to a number of confusing and conflicting emotions. Here MensLine Australia explores these feelings, whilst giving advice on how to get through this stressful period in your life.

Step families are a new norm. Here's how to navigate the challenges.
The challenges and joys of step families

As ‘blended families’, step families and non-traditional family units become more common, more of us are dealing with challenges this presents.

Separated father and child playing in the street
Parenting tips for separated dads

All dads want to be the best father they can. But it can be tough to know how to do this after separation. Here, Mensline Australia offers some parenting tips on how to be positive around your kids whilst dealing your own stuff, like anger, sadness and loneliness.

Father walking
Father’s day away

As parenting from a distance becomes more common in modern families, you may be away from your family on Father’s Day for any number of reasons.

Children sat looking upset with parents in the background
Children and separation

Relationship breakdown can be one of the most difficult periods in a person’s life. Here MensLine Australia explores the different ways children are impacted and often react to separation.

Father and son on a boat
Grieving dad on Father’s Day

On the first Sunday in September, families across Australia will be spending Father’s Day with their dad. But for many of us who have lost our father, this may be difficult time.

Father's day - father and daughter watching sunset
Coping on Father’s Day

Father’s Day can be a difficult and confronting time. Here are some tips on how to cope on Father’s Day, whether you’re a dad, step-parent, partner or family member.

Father and son holding a pair of socks
Give Dad the gift of mental health this Father’s Day

Your dad has plenty of socks and ties, so this Father’s Day how about you give him the gift of mental health. Read our tips for checking in on Dad’s mental health.

Child running towards father in forest.
Where did my life go? How to have a social life with a baby

Research conducted shows that 52% of new parents felt both lonely and socially isolated. Lets look at some ways new fathers can avoid social isolation with a newborn.

Child have a tantrum holding onto Father's leg
How to survive your child’s public meltdown

Sooner or later your child is going to throw some sort of tantrum in public and everybody is going to look. Here’s how you can survive.

Baby sleeping in fathers arms
A new dad’s guide to surviving the first month

The first four weeks of being a new dad will be one of the scariest times of your life. To make this a little less scary we’ve complied a few tips on how to get through it.

Father and son sat talking
How to strengthen family communication

Developing healthy, honest communication patterns can help build foundations that ensure our families feel supported and can support you.

Good dads can help their child overcome bullying
Be a good dad - help your kids overcome bullying

No parent ever wants to hear that their child is a victim of a bully.  Here are some tips on how to be a good dad and help your kids through this difficult time by recognising bullying and helping put a stop to it (without getting all Clint Eastwood about it). #BullyingNoWay

father and son sat together watching a sunset
Tips for building emotional development in children

Do you ever hear parents exclaim “Back in my day…” in relation to the difference between how they were raised and how their children are being brought up? Perhaps you too notice differences between the way you were raised and the way you are raising your child?