Deal with anxiety

Man with head against a window feeling anxious
Anxiety: Feeling anxious?

Feeling anxious is normal when you’re under pressure. For example, you have a job interview or an upcoming exam. You may be worried and feel nervous and uneasy. It is unpleasant, but those feelings usually pass once the event is over.

Nature healing for anxiety, depression & stress
Nature healing for anxiety, depression and stress

Many of us instinctively know that time spent in nature is great for both the body and mind, but now a growing body of research is scientifically proving its benefit for depression symptoms, anxiety attacks and stress relief.

Feeling out of place is one of the symptoms and signs of social anxiety disorder
Social Anxiety Disorder symptoms and signs

Have you felt very nervous, fearful or even panicked when faced with social situations or events? If yes, you may be experiencing some of the symptoms and signs of social anxiety disorder, also known as social phobia.

What is high functioning anxiety? Businessman on phone
Signs and symptoms of high functioning anxiety

You may have seen or heard the phrase high functioning anxiety more and more lately, but what does it mean? High-functioning anxiety describes those who experience many of the signs and symptoms of anxiety but contrary to the stereotype, seem to cope well with life and are often very successful.