Man showing appreciation to his partner

It can be easy to take your partner and the people in your life for granted. We are all so busy that we may not take the time to appreciate the people around us. To help get you started, we’ve compiled some ways you can show your appreciation to those that matter most in your life.

Man walking through a park thinking about changing for good and avoiding misunderstandings
Avoiding misunderstandings

Communication is something we can all improve on, especially if the situation is difficult. Sometimes we may mishear things and get the wrong end of the stick. Misunderstandings can lead to confusion, hurt and anger.

Couple sitting together valuing the differences in their relationship
Valuing the differences in your relationship

There are differences in all relationships. The key is to try and see these differences as something to value, and not as a source of conflict. You can try to appreciate the ways your partner or ex-partner is different from you.

Man sitting on a couch active listening to his partner
Active listening

We have conversations throughout the day, but there may be times when we’re not listening as well as we could. We have some simple techniques for active listening.

Man using queuing theory
Relating queuing theory to everyday life

Queueing theory is the mathematical study of data from queues used to determine waiting times and improve service flow through a system. And it can be relatable to you!

Man thinking about managing trigger events in his life
Managing trigger events

There are numerous potential triggers for us to get angry. So, why is it, that sometimes we experience a trigger event and feel really angry, yet we can experience the same trigger event another time and it doesn’t impact us?

Man thinking about decision making principles
Decision making principles

In life there are essentially four decision making principles that give us an idea about how much influence we can have in different situations. These four principles are: Given, Input, Negotiate and Self.

Man looking through window thinking about calling Changing for Good for extra support
Accessing ongoing support from Changing for Good

Men who have completed a men’s behaviour change program and want to get extra support in their efforts at change can ‘self-refer’. Just call on 1300 015 120 and leave a message with your name and contact details and one of the team will follow up with you.

Man using Time Out to relax and calm down
Time Out

Time-out is a process that works for many people to help them calm down by temporarily removing yourself physically from an anger-provoking situation and returning a short time later.

Father and son sat watching the sunset
Why kids just need your time and attention

Do you ever hear parents exclaim “Back in my day…” in relation to the difference between how they were raised and how their children are being brought up? Perhaps you too notice differences between the way you were raised and the way you are raising your child?


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