Man and women arguing

Dealing with anger

Two men disagreeing on a on a building site
Communicating with someone you disagree with

It can seem challenging to communicate effectively with a friend you disagree with. Here are some strategies to help you navigate a disagreement.

Man trying to control his anger
Managing anger

Anger is a basic human emotion and feeling angry is OK. It is how we respond to and express that anger that can cause problems. Expressing anger in an abusive, violent or negative way is unacceptable. Here MensLine Australia discusses how you can learn to manage anger in a way that acknowledges the feeling while not harming anyone else.

Angry man - understand anger and anger management strategies
Understanding anger and anger management strategies

It’s OK to feel angry sometimes. It’s how we respond to and express anger that can cause problems. Understanding anger and anger management strategies can help.

Man being confronted, and referring to his anger management toolkit
Anger management toolkit

These MensLine Australia worksheets are designed to assist you in developing your personal skills to better manage your anger.

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How to deal with disappointment

Dealing with disappointment can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to let it build up or take over your life. Learn how to cope.

Angry man wearing a hoodie
Why am I so angry and what can I do about it?

From time to time we all get angry. It’s an absolutely normal response to have. But are there other times when you feel angry and you can’t really figure out why?

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Helping others manage anger

There are many ways to manage anger, including; mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises or simply going for a walk to cool off when triggered. Other distractive activities include drawing, writing or playing sport. MensLine Australia spoke with Ken Nathan about how we can help people to manage anger. Ken is the Founder and Director of Interventions Plus.

Managing your thoughts to minimise anger

Managing your temper is not about denying or suppressing your anger, it is about learning how to express it in better ways. Here are some tips on recognising negative thought patterns that may trigger an anger outburst & management tips.

Happy man at peace with himself
How counselling can help with anger management

Counselling can help you understand what’s behind your anger and teach you different and more respectful ways to communicate intense feelings. Learning and understanding anger management techniques including new ways to communicate is important for you to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life.

Man thinking about managing trigger events in his life
Managing trigger events

There are numerous potential triggers for us to get angry. So, why is it, that sometimes we experience a trigger event and feel really angry, yet we can experience the same trigger event another time and it doesn’t impact us?