Top Topics of 2017

It’s almost time to wrap up 2017, which is a great opportunity to recap some of the common reasons people visited our website throughout the year.


MensLine Australia most visited resources

Men and emotions

Men and emotions – This page took out first place for 2017, and there’s plenty of reasons why. While men and women may handle emotions differently, that doesn’t mean that men aren’t feeling a wide range of emotions. If you want to understand how you’re feeling a bit more, check out this info or give us a call.

Managing anger

Managing anger – Anger is a normal and acceptable emotion to feel: it’s how we deal with and demonstrate this emotion that can cause problems.

Parenting tips for separated dads

Parenting tips for separated dads – We regularly hear from fathers that want to be the best dad they can possibly be, which is why this resource can be particularly helpful to help approach estrangement and distance.

Relationship advice

Relationship advice – Connecting with other people is a fundamental need for human beings, so it makes sense that this section of our website had lots of visitors. Strengthening relationships is a great objective to work toward: see if there’s a resource that can help you accomplish this in 2018.


We are here to support Australian men in navigating life, no matter what situation you are in. Our MensLine Australia counsellors are here all day, every day, and we know that this time of transition and festivity can be a real challenge.

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