Man using a mobile phone to access MensLine Australia Changing for Good program

Changing for Good

Changing for Good is a men’s behaviour change program that seeks to maintain behaviours learned during a traditional behaviour change program, or introduce or re-introduce the key concepts and behaviours of sustained behaviour change. We work with men to help them recognise their abusive behaviours and end their use of violence.

By providing ongoing support, specialist counselling and resources, our goal is to help men make, and sustain changes in violent or abusive behaviours as well as attitudes that support violent behaviours.

By working with men to end their use of violence, we help to increase the safety of women and children who have or are experiencing domestic or family violence.

Through our work at MensLine Australia, we recognised that there was very limited ongoing support for men once they had completed a men’s behaviour change program or for those who had difficulty accessing a men’s behaviour change program, and Changing for Good aims to help fill this gap. We build on the principles of men’s behaviour change programs, educating and supporting men to maintain respectful and violence free relationships. Changing for Good is a free service of MensLine Australia, the national telephone and online support, information and referral service for men with family and relationship concerns. MensLine Australia and Changing for Good are part of the On the Line network.


Who we help

Changing for Good provides free telephone counselling to any men who want help to end their use of violence in their relationships. We help anyone affected by family violence. This includes:

  • Men who want support to make violent free choices in the way they interact with the people they care for
  • Men who want to continue the work they have started at their Men’s Behaviour Change program
  • Want to start their path to change who are currently on a waiting list for a MBCP
  • Cannot access traditional programs due to geography
  • Prefer telephone counselling to traditional modes of delivery
  • Have stopped going to a traditional MBCP program for any number of reasons
  • Family members, partners/ex-partners of men who have used violence.


How it works

Men can register their interest in the program, by filling out an expression of interest form, or leaving their contact details by calling 1300 015 120. A counsellor will then get in contact, explaining more about the program and address any questions. At this ‘intake’ stage, a counsellor will enquire about the needs of the client, and obtain the contact details of a person impacted by their violence. A letter will then be sent to the nominated person, offering them their own counselling support. Based on the client needs a female and male counsellor will be allocated and introduce themselves via text message proposing a time for the first session. Following sessions will then be organised between the client counsellors based on what is happening and at times that suit. Find out more about how Changing for Good works.

Changing for Good is funded by the Australian Government Department of Social Services.