Reducing workplace stress - making work a better place to be

Many of us, particularly those in jobs with a manual element, are aware of the various campaigns and messages that encourage us to use proper lifting techniques, be aware of health and safety issues and the like, but taking care of the ‘head stuff’ is just as important. To stay healthy, reducing workplace stress needs to be a priority. While we can’t always control things that create stress, we can learn to manage it better or better yet, find the good things in the workplace!


Tips to reduce workplace stress

1. Savour the little things!

A joke with a co-worker, a five-minute smoko or coffee break, or a great lunch – take notice and pleasure in the little things that happen every day. By paying proper attention to these moments, you can learn to get an unexpected pleasure from things that might otherwise be seen as ordinary. You can use mindfulness techniques to great effect in just a few minutes to help reduce workplace stress and raise your appreciation of the little things in your day.


2. Find alone time

You can use breaks throughout the day to take a little time for yourself and clear your head – for some people it’s a walk, others will sit under a nearby tree – whatever works for you. Think about things other than work to give your brain a bit of a rest.


3. Grow your work connections

Work becomes so much more bearable when you have some good connections – if your workmates do a bit of out of hours socialising or take lunch together, tag long every now and then – these moments are when you discover who people are behind their ‘work face’ and have the chance to forge bonds. Sometimes that’s as simple as walking over to someone for a face to face chat rather than a phone call or email – it’s a chance to stretch your legs too, which is an important part of reducing workplace stress!


4. Find meaning in what you do

Look deeper into who is affected by what you do and how the little things you do might make a difference to them – sometimes this is obvious, but other times it may help to meet someone who has used your skills or product.


5. Listen to Music

Not always possible or practical, but take any chance you can to listen to some music you love – it can work wonders!


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