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How can I get started?

For support in maintaining change and building violence-free relationships, contact Changing for Good and find out more about how we can help.

There are a couple of ways you can get started.


Call us 1300 015 120

Leave a message explaining your interest in the program and your contact details. A counsellor will then get in contact, explaining more about the program and address any questions you may have. At this ‘intake’ stage, a counsellor will enquire about your needs, and obtain the contact details of a person impacted by your behaviour. A letter will then be sent to the nominated person, offering them their own counselling support. A female and male counsellor will then be allocated and introduce themselves via text message proposing a time for the first session. Following sessions will then be organised between yourself, and the counsellors based on what is happening with you and at times that suit.


Email us

Download and complete the expression of interest form and email us directly on


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If you are yet to complete a men’s behaviour change program, get started on the path to change and find a program today.