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man and women arguing verbal abuse
Understanding Verbal Abuse

Understand what constitutes verbal abuse including the key signs to look for and how you can avoid it.

Scared girl – physical abuse
Understanding Physical Abuse

Domestic violence can take many forms – it can include verbal, sexual, emotional, social, financial, spiritual and psychological abuse. The most commonly known is physical abuse, with 16% of women (1.5 million) and 5.9% of men (528,800) in Australia. Here we look at some signs of physical abuse, as well as some steps to address it.

Religious book open on a table
Understanding Spiritual Abuse

Domestic violence can take many forms – it can include verbal, physical, sexual, emotional, social, financial, and psychological abuse. One of the lesser known forms of this behaviour is spiritual abuse, also known as religious abuse. Read on to learn more.

Woman crying - emotional abuse
Understanding Emotional Abuse

Domestic and family violence can take many forms.  One common, and often unrecognised, form of domestic violence is emotional abuse, which is an ongoing pattern of behaviour intended to cause emotional harm.


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