Men sat talking in a behaviour change group setting

What happens in a men’s behaviour change group?

Violent behaviour in relationships rarely stops by itself. More commonly, there are many promises to stop, coupled with recurring and often escalating abuse.

Change is possible but expert support is your best option for success.

Men’s Behaviour Change Programs offer tools for developing better relationships. You will learn non-abusive behaviour so that you behave differently in the same situations that used to lead to violence. The focus in the groups is on developing a more positive set of behaviours. Even though you are challenged to take responsibility for your behaviour, the program models an attitude of respect rather than punishment or shame for what you have done.

This video excerpt from the movie ‘Call me Dad’ gives an idea of the kinds of activities men might participate in during a group.


This is an excerpt from the documentary film ‘Call Me Dad’ (c) Media Stockade


The program works by challenging old ways of thinking and behaving. It helps you develop respect for yourself and take greater responsibility for your own actions. However, behaviour change groups are not always comfortable places, as this video excerpt demonstrates.


This is an excerpt from the documentary film ‘Call Me Dad’ (c) Media Stockade


By the end of the program you will be better equipped to handle strong emotion – facing conflict with understanding, confidence and a constructive attitude. Most men who participate report the experience is highly positive, with many men keen to continue to work on making changes.

Facilitators will contact family members and invite partners and others affected by violent behaviour to attend an information session and receive ongoing support. This helps support your family as well as reinforcing your new ways of behaving by holding you more accountable for your actions.