Prince Harry talking about men's mental health awareness

Celebrities leading the charge on men's mental health awareness

Times are changing for the better when it comes to men’s attitudes to mental health.

More and more guys are changing attitudes to looking after their ‘head stuff’ and we have some of the biggest male celebrities in the world to thank for their role in bringing the conversation to the fore.

There’s been quite a deluge of guys coming forward, so there’s sure to be some we’ve missed! We’ve included some links so you can check out their stories when you have a moment.


Why is all this talk about men’s mental health important?

The old stereotypes are being smashed, with more guys becoming comfortable with opening up. It’s a major cultural shift. These celebs are creating a ‘new normal’ where honesty and vulnerability are increasingly being seen as part of the ‘male experience’.

When a celebrity shares his or her story about battles with mental health, the stigma and shame that has for so long thwarted efforts to keep men safe unravels a bit.

By putting their hand up, these guys are putting paid to the toxic idea that mental health is somehow a reflection of a weak character or low worth.

Importantly, they’re showing that mental health issues are no barrier to success and conversely, even someone who ‘seems to have it all’ can experience tough times.

Hats off to these guys and the many more who are helping to normalise the idea that at times, almost all of us have had our battles.


Guys raising their voice about men’s mental health 

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