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Good dads can help their child overcome bullying
Be a good dad – help your kids overcome bullying

No parent ever wants to hear that their child is a victim of a bully.  Here are some tips on how to be a good dad and help your kids through this difficult time by recognising bullying and helping put a stop to it (without getting all Clint Eastwood about it). #BullyingNoWay

Relationship goals! Positive relationship advice for men
Relationship goals! Positive relationship advice for men

Advice to help you become the MVP (#MostValuablePartner) is here!  These relationship goals aim to help you make your partner feel like they are your #1 draft pick – put them at the centre of your world and championship gold will follow!

Men and women dancing enjoying new years eve
Take care of you and your mates (don’t party too hard on NYE)

The easiest way to ruin a great night is to lose your mate, or get into trouble! So this year, consider the things you can do to have a good night & take care of your mates. Follow our five tips on how to have a great New Years Eve.

Man holding a mobile phone checking out the best MensLine Australia posts of 2017
Top Topics of 2017

It’s almost time to wrap up 2017, which is a great opportunity to recap some of the common reasons people visited MensLine Australia throughout the year.

Reducing financial pressure during Christmas tile
Reducing financial pressure during Christmas

Is Christmas the most expensive time of the year? As December rolls around, it may start to feel that way. Between buying gifts, going out to parties, and entertaining, the financial pressure starts to add up! To help you out this season, we’ve put together some tips to help reduce the burden on your wallet.

Older couple laughing and talking with their family
Tips for adults talking to their parents

Life is busy. In an ideal world, your parents would be a regular part of the mix, visiting them once a week or having lunch on a regular basis. But in reality, this is rarely the case. To help you maintain a lasting relationship with your parents (or at least be polite), we’ve compiled some tips.

Two men with moustaches walking and talking
Grow a mo, save a bro

Started in Australia in 2003, the Movember foundation has grown to fund more than 1,200 men’s health initiatives across 21 countries. Movember has a simple goal – to stop men dying young.

Man leaning against a fence in a field
Mental health week

This Sunday is World Mental Health Day and the start of Mental Health Week in Australia. The theme this year is Do You See What I See? It’s a campaign that challenges some of the stereotypes and perceptions of mental illness.

Two men sat talking about suicide
RU OK? Day

RU OK? Day is a chance to start a conversation with a mate who is struggling to cope.

Man looking at camera
Decision making principles

In life there are essentially four decision making principles that give us an idea about how much influence we can have in different situations. These four principles are: Given, Input, Negotiate and Self.