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Two guys chatting on a bench - popular blogs of 2018
MensLine Australia Top Topics of 2018

As 2018 draws to a close, we’re reflecting on the popular topics our community found most useful this year.

Prince Harry talking about men's mental health awareness
Celebrities leading the charge on men’s mental health awareness

More people are changing attitudes to men’s mental health & we have some prominent celebrities to thank. Here’s some of the guys raising their voice.

Managing your thoughts to minimise anger

Managing your temper is not about denying or suppressing your anger, it is about learning how to express it in better ways. Here are some tips on recognising negative thought patterns that may trigger an anger outburst & management tips.

Male stereotypes and the Man Box - young male
Male stereotypes and the ‘Man Box’

We are all constantly bombarded with gender stereotypes, but a new study sheds light on the shifting attitudes of young men in the face of negative messaging about manhood.

Tips for better conversations with men

We often hear that it’s hard to get men to reach out for help. Try using these tips for tailored approaches to conversations with men that can reap better results and help him open up.

Suicide is a major issue in our society. In Australia, it takes twice the lives than the road toll, but the truth is we all have the power to do something about it.
Help a mate and reduce suicide

Suicide is a major issue in our society. In Australia, it takes more than twice the lives of the road toll, but the truth is we all have the power to do something about it.

Friends on a beach. 10 songs celebrating mateship
Great songs about friendship and mates

Having good people around you is one of the best ways to protect your mental health. Here’s 10 of our fave songs celebrating friendship and mates.

Our counsellors provide ongoing support to help stop family violence
What happens in the Changing for Good program?

Behavioural change takes time, commitment and effort. Changing for Good continues to support men and their partners for a year after successful completion of a Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP) for domestic / family violence.

Man and woman facing different directions - relationship separation
Coping with relationship separation and divorce

Relationship separation and divorce are among the toughest life experiences people can face, but there are ways to manage the loss and get life back on track.

Man experiencing the symptoms of a panic attack
What are the symptoms of a panic attack?

A panic attack is an occurrence of strong anxiety and fear (and accompanying physical reactions) that seems to happen without an obvious cause. Panic attacks are a result of our ‘fight or flight’ instinct engaging, without the threat of immediate physical danger being present.