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Father and son holding a pair of socks
Give Dad the gift of mental health this Father’s Day

Your dad has plenty of socks and ties, so this Father’s Day how about you give him the gift of mental health. Read our tips for checking in on Dad’s mental health.

Man sat thinking
How to break the negative thinking loop

Many of us feel under threat from the current COVID-19 crisis. Ongoing negative thoughts and constant feelings of anxiety are just one of many ways we react to feeling under threat. If you are worried that you, or a family member, may be stuck in a negative thinking loop, here are a few ways you can break free of this thought pattern.

Man sitting alone at a bar drinking alcohol
When drinking becomes a problem

Alcohol abuse is a serious public health problem and can affect relationships, mental wellbeing and even physical health. Is your drinking becoming a problem? Find out more.

Young couple arm in arm walking at dusk
Respectful relationships

MensLine Australia Changing for Good caught up with Ken Nathan recently to discuss the importance of understanding and developing respectful relationships. We asked Ken to share learning’s from his Rules in Relationships program.

Angry man wearing a hoodie
Why am I so angry and what can I do about it?

From time to time we all get angry. It’s an absolutely normal response to have. But are there other times when you feel angry and you can’t really figure out why?

silhouette of a man sitting alone
Helping others manage anger

There are many ways to manage anger, including; mindfulness, meditation, breathing exercises or simply going for a walk to cool off when triggered. Other distractive activities include drawing, writing or playing sport. Here MensLine Australia’s Changing for Good speak with Ken Nathan about how we can help people to manage anger. Ken is the Founder and Director of Interventions Plus.

Happy family playing together
Maintaining family harmony during times of crisis

Families may find their physical and mental health impacted by crisis. This can mean we are less focussed on how we relate to our partners, children or others in our family. However, it’s important we work to maintain harmony in our closest relationships, as they will likely be our biggest support through difficult times.

Father and son looking at a laptop
Protecting yourself and others online during COVID-19

It’s never been more important to stay virtually connected. Yet increased internet usage has seen a rise in cyber bullying, phishing scams, conspiracies and misinformation. Here we look at the current risks of engaging online, as well as ways to help others (particularly young people) combat these and stay safe online.

Young father trying to work from home durnig COVID-19 with his son playing
Staying on top of working from home during COVID-19

Due to the current COVID-19 crisis, many people have found themselves working from home. There are many benefits to working from home, as well as some pitfalls. Here we look at some of the challenges and how to stay on top of working from home.

Graphic of two faces silhouetted in a house
MensLine Australia – Help is Here campaign

On the Line Australia welcomes the announcement by Minister for Women, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, and Minister for Families and Social Services, Senator the Hon Anne Ruston, that the Morrison Government is launching a new campaign to combat domestic violence during the COVID-19 crisis. The Help is Here campaign has two clear messages that help is here and tough times do not excuse tougher times at home.