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Staying mentally fit isn’t a full-time job but it does take full-time commitment. This year, MensLine Australia has taken a look into the importance of reaching out to a mate, intimacy issues in relationships and even the mental health benefits of owning a pet. As the year comes to a close and a new one is about to begin, let’s take a look at some of the most popular blog posts of 2019.


Male stereotypes and the ‘Man Box’

From the day we’re born we’re told that boys wear blue, that a man never does house work, that he’s always the breadwinner and he never backs down from a fight. But none of those things are true; they are simply stereotypes.

Read on to see some tips on how to combat unhealthy male stereotypes.


Coping with relationship separation and divorce 

Relationship separation and divorce can be one of the biggest challenges you may find in life. It can produce a vast and wide range of emotions from anger to confusion and even relief. Despite how bad things may seem, there are ways to cope with relationship separation and come out the other side in a healthy and productive way


How does free counselling over the phone work? 

Sometimes you need to talk to somebody and sometimes that’s not so easy. You might live in a rural area and getting to see a counsellor could be a real pain. You might not have the funds or you simply are not comfortable talking to someone face to face. That’s where services like MensLine Australia comes into play.

To find out more about how free counselling over the phone works just follow the link.


What are the symptoms of a panic attack? 

The symptoms of a panic attack can be confusing, intense and frightening and you may not be entirely sure about what’s actually happening. One minute everything appears to be all perfectly fine and then the very next minute it feels like the end of the world is taking place within your own body.

In this article we talk about panic attack symptoms, what may cause them and what you can do when one occurs.


Changing how we talk about men’s mental health 

It’s been ingrained in the mindsets of men for generations that a ‘real’ man is a strong and silent man. This very notion makes it difficult for men to open up and talk about their mental fitness. But difficult doesn’t mean impossible. By changing our conversation styles we can give men a space where they feel comfortable in opening up.


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