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Managing your mental health while job hunting

Job hunting can be a stressful and uncertain time. Here’s how to manage your mental health while you look for a new job.

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Most popular blogs of 2020

As 2020 comes to a close we take a look back at the most viewed blog topics across the MensLine Australia website. If you need help with your mental health, anger management, family violence (using and experiencing), substance abuse, healthy relationships and wellbeing, MensLine Australia is here to help 24/7.

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Finding your tribe

Humans have traditionally lived and worked in communities, and relied on others for safety, connection and social support. Understand why finding your tribe is important, as well as suggestions for ways to seek out friendship.

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What can we learn from Movember?

Movember has grown to become a well-recognised international event and a symbol of positive approaches to men’s health issues. Key to its success is the ability to talk about men’s health issues in accessible ways. Here are a few tips for more effective conversations with someone you care about.

Man suffering financial anxiety and stress
Financial stress

Experiencing cash flow problems, being in debt or feeling worried about providing for yourself or your family can cause anxiety and other mental issues. Financial stress can also impact your relationships with others. Here we look at some causes and signs of financial stress, as well as ways to get help.

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Single session and multi-session counselling help

MensLine Australia provides single session services to all callers and online counselling users; and multi-session services to eligible clients. Understand how our counselling and support services can help you.

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How your relationship affects your children

Words matter, but from a child’s point of view, actions matter a lot more. Here Changing for Good looks at the importance of modelling respectful relationships, and how our relationships (good or bad) affect our children.

Father and son holding a pair of socks
Give Dad the gift of mental health this Father’s Day

Your dad has plenty of socks and ties, so this Father’s Day how about you give him the gift of mental health. Read our tips for checking in on Dad’s mental health.

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How to break the negative thinking loop

Many of us feel under threat from the current COVID-19 crisis. Ongoing negative thoughts and constant feelings of anxiety are just one of many ways we react to feeling under threat. If you are worried that you, or a family member, may be stuck in a negative thinking loop, here are a few ways you can break free of this thought pattern.

Man sitting alone at a bar drinking alcohol
When drinking becomes a problem

Alcohol abuse is a serious public health problem and can affect relationships, mental wellbeing and even physical health. Is your drinking becoming a problem? Find out more.