Man talking about violence

Talking About Violence

Man with head in hands talking about violence
Talking about violence for the first time

Being honest with yourself about what has been happening is the first big step towards making the change that needs to happen. The second big step is telling someone else about what’s been happening. It takes a lot of courage to make the first call and open up. Some men call and dive right in...

Man talking to his friend about his violence
Talking to a friend about his violence

“I thought if they wanted my help they would ask for it… all along I had a gut feeling something was wrong but he was always so nice to us. How could he be such a great mate and do something like that?” You might think it’s best not to say anything because you might...

Women comforting her friend, supporting her as she experiences a violent relationship
Supporting someone experiencing violence

“We noticed she wasn’t herself. She seemed different. It was hard to figure out what was wrong. They kept up appearances. She was like a person who’s being held hostage who has to pretend things are okay.” Family and domestic violence can be confronting, upsetting, frustrating and frightening for friends and family. You may see...


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