Man with head in hands talking about violence

Talking about violence for the first time

Being honest with yourself about what has been happening is the first big step towards making the change that needs to happen. The second big step is telling someone else about what’s been happening.

It takes a lot of courage to make the first call and open up.

Some men call and dive right in at the deep end. They admit they’ve been violent, that they don’t like what’s been happening, and that they want to do something about it.

Other men are more tentative, edging their way towards the real issue. They might say there’s been a lot of arguments. That sometimes things get pretty heated. As the call goes on they add in more information. They get so frustrated when things don’t go their way. That sometimes there’s pushing and shoving. And so on.

For many men it takes a few attempts before they are able to open up.

We encourage you to speak with a trained professional – someone who can help you open up, who is aware that you’re feeling embarrassed and ashamed and won’t add to those feelings

Nothing will change until you speak up. It’s tough to talk, but you can do it. You have the choice to change.

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