Man overlooking a field thinking about his actions and taking responsibility

Taking responsibility
for your actions

It’s hard to face up to your own actions. You might want to deny responsibility for your behaviour. Blaming your partner is the most common way to do this.

  • You think they need to change – to stop or start doing something so you won’t be triggered
  • You’d rather focus on their behaviour
  • You minimise the behaviour – “It only happened a couple of times”, “It was just a slap”
  • You use excuses.

No matter how you feel it is not okay to scare your partner or children. No one should live in fear of the people closest to them.

No matter what they do it is not okay to hurt them.

You may try to tell yourself it’s not that bad. But you know it is. There are alternatives. Things can be different. We can help. Call us today on 1300 015 120

Here are some common excuses used to avoid taking responsibility.

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