Man dressing in the mirror - expanded intake options for Changing for Good program.

Expansion of intake criteria for Changing for Good


In response to feedback we’ve received about the Changing for Good program, we have expanded the options available to men who want to stop their use of violence in their family and relationships.

We welcome men who have completed a Men’s Behaviour Change Program (MBCP) and want continued support to make permanent behavioural change, but are now also accepting applicants who, for a variety of reasons, may not have completed a Men’s Behaviour Change Program.


New Changing for Good intake criteria

We are here to help men who:

  • Want to start their path to change who are currently on a waiting list for a MBCP.
  • Cannot access traditional programs due to distance or time constraints.
  • Prefer telephone counselling to traditional modes of delivery.
  • Have stopped going to a traditional MBCP program for any number of reasons but are committed to change.

Lasting behavioural change takes time, commitment and effort.  Changing for Good understands that many men are concerned about their use of violence. We also understand they may need more support to ensure that the principles and ideas of behaviour change are understood and adopted permanently.


Our purpose

Our purpose is to support men and their partners for 12-months in a series of telephone counselling sessions.  These sessions explain and reinforce the core principles of sustained behaviour change.  The program is free and voluntary.

For some men, the program may take the form of a continuation of the ideas and strategies taught in a traditional MBCP.  For others, Changing for Good may be their first introduction to these ideas.  Regardless of where participants are in their journey of change, we are here to help.  All that is needed is a genuine commitment to ending the use of violence in their relationships and to creating respectful relationships.

For more information on how the program works, see What happens in the Changing for Good program?


Changing for Good welcomes new participants who have successfully completed a men’s behaviour change program and want extra support in their efforts at change. We also welcome participants who have not completed a men’s behaviour change program for a variety of reasons. Complete an Expression of Interest form or call 1300 015 120 and one of the team will follow up with you.

Get Help

For support in maintaining change and building violence-free relationships,
contact Changing for Good to find out how we can help.

Simply call to leave your details or download the expression of interest form and email it to us.