Man looking through window thinking about calling Changing for Good for extra support

Accessing ongoing support from Changing for Good


Mensline Australia’s Changing for Good welcomes new participants. Men who have completed a men’s behaviour change program and want to get extra support in their efforts at change, can ‘self-refer’. Just call 1300 015 120 and leave a message with your name and contact details and one of the team will follow up with you.

The service is available Australia-wide, and is entirely voluntary – we’re happy to answer any questions you might have about the program and how we can help you stay on track, not using violence.

Most referrals come to Changing for Good from men’s behaviour change program providers. We work hard to maintain engagement with men who transition from a group program to Changing for Good.

Providers can help men get involved by introducing group participants to Changing for Good in the last few sessions of their program. Facilitators ask men to complete an Expression of Interest form in the group session. Our counsellors can support providers in this by talking to the men via a short teleconference call.

We will then make a follow up call to interested participants to tell them more about the program, how it can assist them in their individual circumstances, answer any questions they may have and invite them to get involved.

Service providers can learn more about making referrals by calling the Family Violence Project Officer on (03) 8371 2837 or email

Get Help

For support in maintaining change and building violence-free relationships,
contact Changing for Good to find out how we can help.

Simply call to leave your details or download the expression of interest form and email it to us.