Men doing physical health
Improving physical health can help your mental health

We all know that regular exercise is good for the body. Playing a sport, jogging, cycling or even just walking to work all have physical benefits. Now, there’s even further reason to get fit, with studies suggesting that regular exercise is also good for your mind!

Father and son walking through the forest - having a conversation with your kids
Starting a conversation with your young kids

For some fathers, talking to their kids can be difficult. Kids are easily distracted, and if you don’t see them often, you may feel even more pressure to be a good parent. MensLine Australia has created these ten tips to help you have better conversations with your kids.

Man suffering depression sitting under a tree
Depression: Am I depressed?

Everyone feels sad or down from time to time, but this does not necessarily mean you are depressed. Remember that depression can be treated. If your mood has been low for over two weeks, you can seek help.

Two friends sat together eating ice cream
Reconnecting with friends

Never have we been more connected to everyone around us. Advances in technology have launched multiple social media platforms allowing us to be no more than just a few clicks away from connecting to someone, or anyone for that matter! Then why is it we’ve never felt more alone?

Man with head against a window feeling anxious
Anxiety: Feeling anxious?

Anxious feelings usually subside once an event you may have been feeling nervous about passes. For others though, these anxious feelings do not go away easily and they may start to avoid certain situations or have physical symptoms. Help is available.

Man stretching finding change hard
Why is change so hard?

A new year, a new start… how many times have we said that over the years? At the start of each year, many of us make new year resolutions, and many of us fail to keep them. So why is change so hard?

Men and women dancing enjoying new years eve
Take care of you and your mates (don’t party too hard on NYE)

The easiest way to ruin a great night is to lose your mate, or get into trouble! So this year, consider the things you can do to have a good night & take care of your mates. Follow our five tips on how to have a great New Years Eve.

Man holding a mobile phone checking out the best MensLine Australia posts of 2017
Top Topics of 2017

It’s almost time to wrap up 2017, which is a great opportunity to recap some of the common reasons people visited MensLine Australia throughout the year.

Talking to your teenagers: Teenager sitting with her back to us looking moody
Talking to your teenagers

As teenagers go through developmental changes, they often feel like no one understands them, especially their parents. If you aren’t already actively engaged with your teenager, there’s still time to get to know them better with these tips from MensLine Australia.

Reducing financial pressure during Christmas tile
Reducing financial pressure during Christmas

Is Christmas the most expensive time of the year? As December rolls around, it may start to feel that way. Between buying gifts, going out to parties, and entertaining, the financial pressure starts to add up! To help you out this season, we’ve put together some tips to help reduce the burden on your wallet.