All the dads

Dads come in all shapes and sizes, as being a parent can sometimes lie with a less-traditional role-model. So, let’s celebrate all the different dads out there who help shape who we are.



This one is pretty standard, the one we think of when we think of Father’s Day.


Boyfriend or Stepdad

Whether biological dad is around or not, a boyfriend or stepdad can play a very important part in kids lives.



Sometimes a grandparent ends up being a primary caregiver. If you’re worried about seeing your kids today, and your Dad is still alive, maybe shift your focus to make sure your Dad knows you love him and try to spend some time showing him that.



An uncle can play a leading part in their niece or nephews lives, whether they’re an uncle by blood or marriage, or just based on their friendship and relationship to the family.



Sometimes there’s no father figure in the family. Shout out to the mums that also step into dads shoes sometimes.



Just like an uncle, sometimes a friend of the family or a mate can step in to play dad sometimes, whether that’s helping sometimes to pick the kids up from soccer or having those man-to-man type of chats with a young man figuring out the important things in life.



“Always pass on what you have learned.” – Yoda

This one can be particularly relevant to a young man embarking on an apprenticeship or someone that spends a lot of time at work, but there’s plenty of ways that a boss or manager can take on father-figure actions through the simple act of mentorship and looking out for someone.

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